A single identity and consent repository.
A wide range of features.

Let people register, consent and log in on any devices, online and in stores
Lock data and manage profiles in a single identity and consent repository
Feed all your databases and all your digital solutions
  • DMP, Datalakes
  • CRM, Customer Services
  • Marketing solutions
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Custom
Three screenshots of Lacoste Website displaying multiple options of identifications for users


Single Sign-On

Offer a seamless experience to your customers and reduce abandonment rates, by letting them login once to access all your apps and websites.

Single Sign-On : Drawing of a man connecting to lots of websites with a single sign-on

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure user authentication and reduce fraud risks. Users need to provide two factors of authentication such as password or a code sent by email or SMS.


Remove password complexity for your customers, free Internet users from password creation and memorization. All customers have to do is sharing their email address or phone number. After that, each time they want to log in, they receive a magic link or an unique code, which expires within a limited period of time, guaranteeing a high level of security.


Reduce integration costs by using ReachFive authentication widget. Embed it easily in your website, and customize it to meet your company’s needs.

Drawing of a man and a woman easyli building a website out of blocks representing lots of identifcations options

Identity Management

Lite Registration

Increase the number of profile creations with ReachFive Lite Registration. Visitors can easily subscribe to newsletters and request for further information, as they only need to provide their email address and consent, without needing to create an account nor password. ReachFive authenticates and reconciles the existing profiles and accounts by managing all customer information into an unique and secured repository.

Drawing of a woman realising a pole vault. She's taking support on the words "Subscribe to the newsletter" and it looks like she's flying.

Progressive Profiling

Enrich your customer knowledge by using progressive profiling. Rather than bothering customers with detailed forms, adapt requested data to their journey to improve their experience.

Custom Fields

Enrich customer profiles. ReachFive allows you to define additional fields that users must complete before creating a new account. These extra fields help gather essential first-party data. You can expand your data capture requirements as needed.


Analytics & Insights

A user-friendly reporting dashboard lets you design and execute your data exploitation strategy based on your customers’ activity, identity, consents and interests data collected by the platform. Drill-down on analytics and insights by customizable data ranges, touchpoints, sociodemographic data.

Drawing of a man overlooking at a giant smartphone whose screen is filled with Datas. He's taking notes.

Third-Party Integration

Custom integrations may be expensive and time-consuming. Reduce your time-to marketusing ReachFive third-party integration and leverage actionable data from the CIAM platform to eliminate the siloes of your legacy systems. We integrate CMS, CRM, DMP, eCommerce, ETL, identity verification, marketing automation, store applications, recommendation engines and web analytics.

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Future-proof platform

  • Security
    • OpenID
    • Intrusion tests
    • Brute-force attacks protection
  • Privacy
    • GDPR compliance
    • Consent history
    • Data purge
  • High Availability
    • SLA 99.9%
    • Scalable architecture
    • Non-regression tests
  • Agility
    • Multi Cloud
    • Rest API
    • SDK

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